Interest-free checking

If somebody steals your identity and loots your bank account, don't worry. Just report it right away and the bank will take care of it. You won't be held responsible, right?


Hmmmm... It might depend on who your bank is. Here's a sordid tale of what happened to one unlucky customer at Chase. And it's not the first time

Here's the billionaire CEO of Chase and the ultimate Corporate Democrat, Jamie Dimon. Do you think he cares about the bank customers? I sincerely doubt it.


  1. I don't know why anybody does business with these crooks. Same for Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and other big banks. I tried to use Bank of America's ATM machine, which is on the network and they wanted to charge me $3. Slime balls that rip you off big and small.

  2. Big banks seem to be run by executives who value their carriers as high as possible, Smaller regional banks seem to be run people known by their communities. I never asked for banking services that a local bank couldn’t handle.

    1. As soon as Chase stole Washington Mutual, I was out of there. I've gotten good service from OnPoint and Umpqua.

    2. Umpqua has been consistently good for us, and very responsive when there are any issues.

  3. With all the issues surrounding Amazon, the fact that they use Chase for their "Prime" credit card really puts the cherry on top for me. I've been with credit unions for nearly 30 years and plan to keep it that way.


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