Ice, ice, baby

Well, the temperature's about to plummet tonight in Portland. The east wind will start howling, then a little snow will fall, and then the dreaded freezing rain will inundate us tomorrow night and on Friday. The weather people are busy working everybody into the usual frenzy, and they're adding it to the usual Christmas build-up. Craziness on top of craziness.

The worst part of a Portland ice storm is always wondering when it's going to end. This time around, they're saying it will warm back up on Saturday, but these events have been known to drag on well beyond their predicted denouement.

I'll be updating readers here for as long as the gadgets have power. With important information like, Stay inside! If you go outside, wear warm clothes! Be sure you have enough toilet paper!

See you on the Sylvan overpass.


  1. Gone Saturday, ppfftthh

  2. Just like the old days on blog #1, Weather Central 3000 wasn’t it?

  3. What do Car advertisements and Weather forecasts have in common? They both like to use the term "event". The biggest sales event of the season... We are going to have a snow event...

  4. Now's the time to break out the long underwear.

  5. I’ve been terrified of even getting out of bed today. I can’t imagine what kind of maniac would actually step foot outside.

  6. 34 on Sylvan overpass at 5:30 AM this morning.
    Doesn’t mean the road’s clear


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