Ho-ho-hounds! (Underdog picks.)

'Twas the day before Christmas, and from all directions,

The underdog players have made their selections:

9.5 SEATTLE at Kansas City (Saturday) - Paul, Evil O, Gordon, DB, MadDog

9 CHICAGO vs. Buffalo (Saturday) - Linda, Buster Douglas

7.5 ATLANTA at Baltimore (Saturday) - Atwater27

6.5 ARIZONA vs. Tampa Bay (Sunday) - SteveO

5.5 PHILADELPHIA at Dallas (Saturday) - Howler, PDXileinOmaha, JC, Meow, Kosar19, Eric, Not Gonna Happen, Mojo, CrimsonCrud

4.5 GREEN BAY at Miami (Sunday) - VegasBaby5

3 LAS VEGAS at Pittsburgh (Saturday) - Bad Picker

2 LOS ANGELES RAMS vs. Denver (Sunday) - Annie B.

Nobody chose:

7 WASHINGTON at San Francisco

5 HOUSTON at Tennessee

4 INDIANAPOLIS vs. Los Angeles Chargers

3.5 NEW ENGLAND vs. Cincinnati

3 NEW YORK GIANTS at Minnesota

3 CAROLINA vs. Detroit

2.5 NEW ORLEANS at Cleveland

1 JACKSONVILLE at New York Jets (Thursday, winner)

Our latest standings are here. Good luck to our players in this Week 16!

UPDATE, 10:22 p.m.: Houston, Carolina, and New Orleans won, but none of our Saturday pickers had any of them. We've got one player in each of the contests tomorrow, which seems like it vaguely might be Sunday. 

UPDATE, Sunday, 2:15 p.m.: Green Bay wins, and VegasBaby5 vaults into the lead in the standings.

UPDATE, Sunday, 5:15 p.m.: The Rams dominate, moving Annie B. up to third place in the standings.

UPDATE, Sunday, 11:15 p.m.: Arizona was defeated.


  1. Do you have statistics for all the Underdog Tourneys? To my eye, it seems like the lines are wobbly early in the year and there are a lot more underdog wins early but, as the season goes on, the oddsmakers get more and more info and get better and better at it, and fewer dogs win out. I was noticing just how precise it’s getting that the line was the Eagles and 5.5 points and they lost by 6 … suggests that there is some real wisdom of crowds at work here.


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