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For me, the days of local radio have pretty much faded out. Now and then I'll tune in to a ballgame in the car on AM, or if I'm in the mood, KMHD on FM for some jazz. But that's about it for Portland stations.

That's not to say all radio is dead to me. Far from it. Nowadays, I can listen to stations from anywhere in the world, via the intertubes. A nifty little app called Radio Garden lets you pick a stream from any green dot on its map of the world. I've found a dozen or so new favorites that way.

But the one that's really grabbed me lately is from just a couple-three hours down the highway in Madras, Oregon.  It's KJIV, which has an FM signal at 96.5 down thataway, but to the rest of the world is known as Jive Radio. 

Their DJ's have fabulous taste in music, and their range is wide. One minute it's a classic that you wore out as a kid, the next it's something you've never heard before but definitely want to hear again. I find myself pulling out the phone and firing up Shazam to make note of what I'm hearing just about every time I have those guys streaming.

There's no accounting for taste, and it might not be your cup of tea, but you ought to give it a try while it's still running so darned good.


  1. This is awesome our friends in Redmond turned us on to it

  2. Schizoeclectic radio for the universe and beyond !
    I tune on the tunein app

  3. Yeah, that’s a great station. 3 others to add to the ones you mentioned, 1 local, 1 regional & 1 ‘back east’: allclassical.org , Jefferson Public Radio, and WYSO-FM. Also for blues, Saturday afternoons into the evening on WYEP-FM. There’s also some really great stuff on the Native American radio stations from Point Barrow to the Grand Canyon. Reminds me to check out Aboriginal radio online now. Thanks, Jack!

  4. Two of the best radio stations in Oregon are KBPS Portland and KSWB out of Seaside. You hear stuff that you NEVER hear on corporate radio. They both stream also.

  5. KJIV has a translator in The Dalles. If you're coming up the Gorge, you can pick it up from about Hood River east. No need for streaming. Everbody who's anybody in these parts listens...


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