You know it's bad when...

A supposed big selling point of the misguided Portland charter change ballot measure being voted on now is that it will increase minority representation on the City Council. I'm not sure how much more of that we need; 60 percent of the current council are people of color, and we taxpayers foot almost the entire bill for every Tom, Dick and Harry's political campaigns.

But anyway, even if you thought that yet more  "equity" might be a good reason to vote for the measure, look who's against it: the Skanner newspaper, a voice of Black Portland for decades, and Nurse Amanda, she of "let the little people pay for my political ads" fame!

The list of other opponents is also a scream. We got three Kafourys, folks! That's almost half of them. With Admiral Randy, Lisa of the Mean Girls, the Scone, Thomas Lauderdale, it's quite the who's-who.

Anyway, all these people are right about this. Vote no now and yes on the Mapps alternative in the spring.


  1. It's looking like Hardesty will lose, but if the city charter plan passes, she'll likely be back in office before we can blink. ugh.

  2. There will be four of her.

    1. This charter reform scam is nothing more than a formula for keeping wackadoodles like JoAnn, Candace Avalos, Becca Uherbelau, Seth Woolley, Cameron Whitten, etc in City Hall for life. The barrier to re-election is SO LOW that they'll never be ejected...and that's BEFORE how they figure out how to game the system!

  3. I think it is absurd that either one of these reforms is promised to be real change. As if the presumed "accountability" improvements won't be easily avoided? Both reforms leave in place the same people with the same agendas in some sort of rearranged pattern of the same governance. None of the opponents or supporters admit they are to blame for making Portland what it became. People with names did all of this. There's a list right there of who many of them are. Not only did they do this to Portland but they also made Portland the Ball & Chain it is for the rest of the state.
    An EcoNW study reported that a Portland recovery won't occur till 2034. That means the bottom is a few years away and more damage is yet to come.
    I suppose there is a slim chance that this midterm may shock Portland's ruling league or it's voters into some sort of shift. But until the stale league itself is replaced I see nothing remotely optimistic occurring.


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