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Here's a funny story from the Portland affiliate of Fox "News":

Thousands of property crimes in Portland are going unsolved, with no punishment for the criminals that commit them.

"Unsolved"? "Unsolved?" The word suggests that someone is actually looking into the matter. Wrong.

The cops in Portland don't care one whit about anything except taking photos of bullet casings on the ground. Your stolen car, ripped-out catalytic converter, smashed plate glass windows, or looted store is no longer any concern of theirs whatsoever. Hasn't been for a couple of years now. Suck it up. You have insurance, don't you?


  1. d00d I watched a Seinfeld where a cop in the ep writes a report & hands a repeat of the notes to w character about a looted apartment with the line ‘do any of these ever get solved’ ?
    ‘Nah’, idk that this is ‘new?’
    And before Guliani & Bloomberg & a brutal crackdown, I wonder if this has happened before in another city on a different scale NYC bankruptcy era & Bronx fires 1974-1994 crime bill and brutal NY republigoon rule thereafter?

    The PERS incentive structure is worse & more of a suck, scope of the problems is worse & the cops are on defacto strike a bit (tho bit less of late). Maybe we’re a bit ahead in some ways or having to pay retail up front if we want *anything* from the police now, and we do want some investigation, but not harassment or getting shot either?

    It is ironic that our least developer weasel on the take nor pushover & cop antagonistic mayor Tom Potter didn’t promise a lot but didn’t make the problem worse either, neither militarizing the police nor demonize them/ruffle feathers & make them sulk.

    But the economy didn’t totally suck here until about 2011-2012, and even then, it had a sort of ‘workable’ lousiness to it just as he was out the door?

  2. To be fair to all parties, the real source of the problem isn't the cops; its the current DA's priorities which is NOT petty crime as he sees it. Both PPB & the MCSO simply don't pursue crimes that the DA will not prosecute.

    1. The rot in Portland’s retail area will continue as long as the DA looks at dumpster fires and broken store windows as simple protests.

  3. Defund the police! ACAB! Elect Mike Schmidt! Vote yes on Measure 110!…Then - crime is out of control because of the police! Too funny.


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