Wheeler's new problem: Textgate

When it comes to being open and transparent, Portand City Hall has always been a bunch of scoundrels. The people in charge of meeting the requirements of the state's public records laws have time and time again shown themselves to be weasels.

But even with that as the familiar backdrop, OPB sure has a good story up this morning about how, for years, the mayor's text messages were hidden from public view. Illegally. Let the finger-pointing begin.


  1. The texts reveal that they secretly were supporting mass protests so that we could achieve herd immunity- cause remember this was at the height of the "pandemic". Well maybe not... One thing we do know is that you couldn't get the virus by protesting against the police or sitting down in a restaurant.

    1. When your refer to the pandemic that killed 1 million Americans as the “pandemic”, it’s clear there’s no hope for your likely conspiratorial mind

    2. Don't discourage them. If they leave here, they watch Fox.


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