Quotation of the Day

"What is here is not homelessness — what is here is organized crime, and it's being allowed underneath the umbrella of homelessness and compassion.” 

Yep. All over Portland, but especially at 49th and Powell, where the tent-squatter addicts who routinely victimize the nearby U-Haul business actually managed to set some of the trucks on fire over the weekend. 

They also like to threaten violence on anyone who looks at them the wrong way.

It's time for some of these people to go to prison. Until that happens, Portland is lost. Unfortunately, nobody in authority wants to get real about it. And so the law-abiding local residents and businesses will be victimized, over and over and over. Let's hope no innocent person dies over there.


  1. I'm so lucky I got out of Powellhurst when I did. Godspeed to the dude who moved in.

  2. One day notice for the bobble head CEIC meeting on Tuesday night. Until these criminals go to jail nothing will change! Empty suits and empty heads at city hall.

  3. We had to destroy the village to save the village. How long do you think that rat-infested drug-fueled trash heap would last in Dunthorpe?

    1. It's possible some private entity could arrange travel and a moving van or garbage truck to make the trip to Dunthorpe possible. Moving on up so to speak.

    2. I’m sure Ron DeSantis could help out.


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