Portland's new odd couple – Ted and Tina

I see that Oregon's new governor, T. Kohoutek, showed up at the Portland City Council meeting yesterday to demonstrate how eager she is to work with the Five Bobbleheads as the city gets rechartered further into oblivion. Maybe she was just trying to make nicey-nicey in her own ham-handed way after blathering away along the campaign trail about "holding" them "accountable" for not "cleaning up the damn trash."

Meanwhile, she's giving interviews in which she's declaring another one of those precious "emergencies" over Portland's multifaceted tent city problems. And her first order of business in responding to it? Let's get going building more cr-apartments! The Portand solution to every problem.

Kotek said she plans to call a statewide emergency that could free up money and loosen rules to make it easier to build shelters and affordable housing. The governor-elect also plans to issue an executive order on day one of her service to create a 10-year plan to build more affordable homes across the state.

Blah blah blah, Deadly Deborah couldn't have said it worse. If you think this person is going to make a dent in the disaster on the city's streets, I have an aerial tram I'd like to sell you.

I don't know how I can bear to look at her for four more years. Plus having to listen to these people yammering about how wonderful she is. It's going to take a high sense of comedy. Please let's secure the supply chain for weed gummies. 


  1. Don't worry, Jack, she plans to send out "outreach teams" -- I feel better already.

  2. The biggest diversity hire of all time- well points off for being pale faced...

  3. Repeal ORS 90.245(1)(a), allow LL and T to voluntarily opt out of ORTLA's habitability and other mandates if both choose. Supply of private sector "shelter" (leaky single wide better by far than tent on median) immediately increases. Rents decline as LL's no longer must pay 10% to folks like my employer to insure compliance with 111 pages of densely written ORTLA. Presumption that tenants are too stupid to make their own choices and may prefer to rent "unhabitable" housing is racist, classist and wholly paternalistic.

  4. I know what you mean about the prospect about having to look at her for 4 years. I guess it might not be that bad if she actually ‘could’ get things done and differed greatly from the norm around here. But we all know she won’t and she isn’t.

    She actually makes Hillary Clinton look as warm and fuzzy as Shirley Partridge or Carol Brady, if that’s possible.


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