Over the years, my allegiances to various sports teams have wavered. I've been fickle, I'll admit. But there's been one constant: My favorite team is whoever's playing against the Oregon Ducks. I used to make an exception for USC, but no more.

Anyway, yesterday was a fun day for us haters. The Ducks blew a 21-point lead and lost to the Beavers in the football game that used to be called the Civil War before it was decided that military imagery is inappropriate for a game in which people are inflicting irreversible brain damage on each other.

To make the ignominious defeat even worse, after the game one of the Jail Ducks punched a fan in the back of the head on the way off the field. A fine player by the name of D.J. Johnson. The guy probably said something nasty to him, but still.

Such a class operation down there in Eugene. You didn't see Christine Drazan punching anybody.


  1. As a history teacher I had once said about the Civil War, it was anything but civil.

  2. Also thanks for introducing me to a new word for loser. If only I could make a 'P' with my fingers.

  3. If only. Ed Ray, OSU's president at the time "The Civil War" was cancelled, said: ["It]...respresents a connection to a war fought to perpetuate slavery..." Ed Ray didn't get to president of OSU by being so naive as to think the only, or even the primary reason the Civil War was fought was to "perpetuate slavery". Any good historian will tell you that although, obviously, the South fought to perpetuate slavery, there was a whole lot else going on. Of course, even if that were the ony reason for the War, the North won! Dare we not mention the War fought to abolish slavery? The absurdity of abandoning a beloved nickname, that, of course, had nothing to do with slavery, let alone its perpetuation, when first utilized 65 years after the War ended, by a sportwriter to succinctly capture the divided loyalties of Oregonians, both within families and the large community, is now resisted by many who continue to use the non-PC appellation.


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