Money for nothing

The bureaucrat who failed at putting even a small dent in Portland's gang and gun violence problems got a year's salary plus six months of health insurance to leave City Hall. In Portlandia, that's success. And the "clean energy" grant for her nonprofit can't be far behind.


  1. It’s pretty clear that city hall met a compensation consultant at a conference a few years back……..the undisclosed severance benefits showered on multiple departing officials would make for profit corporate America blush. You can be assured every mid to high ranking official now enjoys these exit parachutes and our local government class will never share with us the enormous impact such benefits have on overall compensation. The days of public officials in Portland being “under paid” are forever gone.

  2. Just think what "brilliant" and "essential" people 12 commissioners will be able to hire, and then later let go with a nice parachute!


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