L.C.D. gets the checkmark

They're calling the Fifth Congressional District race here in Oregon for the Republican, Lori Chavez-DeRemer. It's a stunning defeat for the Democratic Party machine. In complete control of gerrymandering, they still managed to give the MAGA folks a second seat in Congress from the Beaver State.

There will be a lot of second-guessing of the district's Dem voters' decision to bounce the hypocrite incumbent, Kurt Schrader, in the primary, in favor of a real Democrat. Even cooked up on Tina's stove, the district just wasn't ready to tack left with Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

But I agree with the blue voters, that Schrader needed to go. Maybe they can learn something from what just happened and make old Lori a one-term House member.

Meanwhile, the Dems had better hope Andrea Salinas holds onto her slim lead in the Sixth. A 3-to-3 split in the Oregon delegation would be even more embarrassing for the blue side, if that's possible.


  1. If only we could get rid of Earl- far more worthless than Kurt.

  2. JMS might take the hint and spend some time doing something other than losing elections.

  3. JMS wasted a lot of money

    1. More than money was wasted: opportunity. If the Democrats lose control of the House, as seems likely, shame on Oregon.


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