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Shoplifting has basically been legalized in Portland. If you do it, there is little chance that you will be prosecuted, even if you are caught, and even in the unlikely event that the cops come out. And if you are prosecuted, the punishment will be light. So just walk right into that store and take whatever you want. KGW, which refuses to fall numb to the situation, has its latest report here.

Same thing with auto theft. Take whatever car you want to steal, or rip out the catalytic converter; the cops can't be bothered.

It's a complete and utter breakdown of society. Accompanied by high taxes, of course. And yet the voters here can't get enough of the Pedersons and the Koteks, who are part of the problem. Not to mention the D.A., lil' Mikey Schmidt, who's turned out to be the Jo Ann Hardesty of prosecutors.

It was such a nice place before the state and local governments failed.


  1. In Lake Oswego, you can’t even breathe wrong without getting a call from the police. Well that is maybe an exaggeration, but not by a lot. We had a neighbor that was involved in some funny business for a few years, and the police were a constant presence around here. In Portland it would had gone unnoticed and/or forgiven.

    I think I told the story here about one night I took my dog out at night, or more like early morning, and a cop was hiding in the bushes about a yard away doing a stakeout. Scared the living crap out of me.

  2. Portland is twice as “equitable” as mean ole Washington county. Look at those numbers! Either Portland is doing something wrong, or WA county is just using their authority to ensnare completely innocent people. Quite obvious.

    Of course this is all under the guise of needing a constant supply of “residents” for their jails. Which in turn helps to feed the prison industrial complex, which rewards them with massive kickbacks. Portland is different, and they avoid this obvious conflict of interest by just not prosecuting.

  3. Ross Thomas wrote “The Fools In Town Are On Our Side”. Of course it’s fiction.


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