From Chuck to Danny at the I.R.S.

The President is nominating Daniel Werfel (pictured) to succeed Charles Rettig as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. Everybody called Rettig Chuck, and everybody calls Werfel Danny. This level of informality sems fine with both of them.

The new guy is no stranger to the IRS; he's been the acting commissioner before. And he's also worked in the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, as controller. He's been a private consultant on business management since 2014. Danny has a law degree as well as a master's in public policy.

The old guy held the tax agency together during the riotous years of Trumpism, and he did a good job, in my view. Chuck was a tax lawyer in private practice in Beverly Hills for 35-plus-years before he landed at the helm of the IRS. At this point, maybe he'll retire. Or maybe he'll go back to billing hours helping taxpayers navigate, or beat, the system. Former commissioners are usually held in high regard, and I assume they are compensated handsomely.

Anyway, good luck to Werfel. People hate the IRS, but without it we don't have a country. The answer is not to defund it, but instead to make it better.


  1. We only have the IRS because we turned over the money supply to international bankers in 1913- where we have to buy dollars at interest from them and they get to create dollars from thin air. When did the Federal Income tax get created? A few years later.

  2. The federal income tax was a Teddy Roosevelt thing, if I understand correctly. To make the rich pay their fair share.

    1. Well that didn't work out so well did it.

    2. The original idea was good. And it worked pretty well until Reagan. Reagan trashed it. He was probably the worst thing that's ever happened to the tax system in this country.

  3. IRS has a kind of impossible mandate but dept of treasury & the original idea the fed income tax did only apply to a handful of people.

    Not so bad.

    Federal reserve on the other hand abstracting ever more authority away from dept. or treasury with a bunch of bankers & us getting involved in WWI instead of just let Europe do that another 6+ years until they really had enough & let our bankers backing London eat it might have been a better outcome?

  4. Raygun begat Bush Sr, Jr, and opened the field for Trump. Devolving.


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