F.M. on employees: Eff 'em

I see that the sweethearts running the Fred Meyer and QFC stores out of Cincinnati, Ohio are being sued because they can't seem to pay their employees the correct amounts and on time. Ticked-off workers have filed a federal class action after allegedly being shorted or not paid at all.

Can you imagine a place so screwed up that they don't get their payroll right? Gosh, I hope Elaine Chao's monthly $25,000 for doing nothing is not affected.

Mr. Meyer (nobody called him "Freddy") is rolling over in his grave. I'm heading into month 17 of staying away from that joint. Safeway and Alberston's employees, you're next!


  1. I’ve got you beat. I am close to 10 years of boycotting FM. Not going to go into the details, as I already did once here, but apart from going to one of their gas stations once, I have held solid in my boycott. They have a reputation of treating their employees bad, and it shows by how little effort they put into their jobs. Evidently Kroger puts no real value on them, which of course trickles down to the customer.

    I had a friend who worked for them and was fired right before he was to get a big jump in pay, as he had been there quite a long time. They used the excuse that he was using store coupons that the machines spit out. He was using the coupons to help pay for cat food for some strays around the store.
    F them.


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