Don't feel bad about yourself

You'll never be as much of a doofus as Gordon Lawshe, 71, of Caldwell, New Jersey. Have you read his story? He called the cops on his 9-year-old neighbor for the crime of being Black, wearing a hoodie, and spraying for invasive lanternflies too close to his home.

Lawshe, a Republican, is a former member of the Caldwell City Council. He is catching hell, on the internet and elsewhere, for what he did. But that's what happens to Karens. Now he's apparently threatening to sue those who call him a racist.

Gordon, my friend, you screwed up. Maybe it's time for you to get out of Essex County, where white people are no longer in the majority, and move down the shore, where there are a lot fewer Black 9-year-old girls to scare you. Maybe a nice nursing home down there would be good.