Congress is different

By this time next week, we should know who won what in the elections here in Oregon. It might not be until the end of the week before we can be sure, because ballots postmarked by Tuesday still count even if they are not received until later. And I hear some of the election crazies from Foxland are going to mail theirs in at the last minute. Not to mention the possibility of more election screwups and shenanigans in places like Clackamas County. Okay, whatever.

Now, if the left wing takes a beating in the city, county, or state elections, I won't be shedding too many tears. Many people are tired of the clowns the "progressives" keep presenting to the electorate, and the dangerous mess on the streets that they have enabled. Kotek, Pederson, Hardesty – they all deserve their walking papers. Part of me doesn't care if they survive politically or not.

But in the Congressional races, I sure hope the Republicans don't pick up the two newly gerrymandered seats, or even one of them. They are obstructionists enough even when they're in the minority, but if they get control of the House, then Katie bar the door. They will impeach Biden and do nothing else but create havoc that will rival the Trump years (or God forbid, the first Trump years).

I think Hoyle is probably a lock to take the old De Fazio seat, but the others seem like nail-biters. Neither of the blue candidates looks too appealing to me, but I don't live in their districts. Then again, neither do they. Of all the disasters on the horizon, their losing may be the worst.


  1. A republic house will most certainly investigate the motives of the honchos in the justice system

    But, asserting that the republicans would impeach Biden is insulting

    1. You sure about that?

    2. Unacceptable consequences

    3. I guess it is insulting to assert that Republicans will do what they have said they will do (impeach Biden) since their express motives (payback, political gain) are so far removed from any public interest they are elected to serve.


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