Why there's a cage around the Portland Apple store

I just watched this disturbing story on KGW about organized retail theft in Portland. Just walk into a store, take whatever you want, and waltz out without paying. Don't even bother to hide the stuff under your coat. In most cases, no one will stop you. You will not be arrested, nor will you be prosecuted, even if what you take is worth thousands of dollars.

Or if you're feeling ambitious, wait 'til the store is closed, break in, take whatever you want. Even if there's an active security system, you won't be caught. The cops won't show up for hours.

There are plenty of fences around to buy the stolen stuff. It's a great way to finance your drug habit as you squat in your tent. Go ahead, pitch it wherever you like.

This place is truly off its rocker. You'd have to be crazy to invest a nickel of your hard-earned money here.


  1. They always said that America was the land of opportunity. And think of it this way, the retailer’s won’t have to worry about clearance sales or returning unsold merchandise. It’s a win-win!

  2. The usual suspects for Portland’s decline are the elected officials and the cops.

    The conversation always excludes the voters


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