Another Trail Blazers season officially begins tonight. It seems awfully early for that, but here it is. One of the greatest Blazers ever, Damian Lillard, will be back on the court after nearly a year off with an abdominal injury. He'll try once again, this time at age 32, to carry Portland into the upper echelons of the sport. He's loyal to the team and to the town, which is rare among athletes any more. And so you can't not be rooting for the guy.

But wherever your heart is, your head can't honestly be telling you that the Portland squad is going to go too far. Dame will have to make it work with a squad that so far lacks chemistry, a coach who still hasn't shown that he knows what he's doing, and a caretaker owner who's certain to sell in a few years at most. Pre-season records don't matter hardly at all, but Portland's was 1–4. They tanked last season for a draft pick that they didn't even get.

I really hope they surprise us. On paper the roster is solid enough, though not spectacular, and you never know for sure. The city could use something to cheer about. So go Blazers! Just don't bet the farm on them.


  1. For decades, I was all in for the Balzers.

    Even during the Jailblazer episode.

    I’m kinda lukewarm on the current team.

    Might be their merchandising strategy

  2. Lillard is our Mike Trout, a generational talent surrounded by mediocrity. He passed Walton as the greatest Blazer ever when he dragged a talentless and forgotten roster to the conference championship. After that, it became obvious to anyone with two open eyes that he would never win a championship here. He should have been dealt during his Olympic summer. Between the injuries and the new contract, he's stuck here. Even if he asks out, there's no way the team will get much in return.

    So he's the elder-statesman who's here to mentor Simons, Little, and the rest. Lett's see how it goes. Anything beyond 35 wins will be gravy.

  3. The team looks amazing so far. What’s his name could really scout a guard


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