Tina Turn-er

Can you get over that T. Kohoutek? In the final days of her run for Oregon governor, she's bad-mouthing the current guv, Killer Kate, for not doing enough about homelessness. Killer Kate, her best buddy for more than a decade! Now she's a bad governor all of a sudden.

I see that Kohoutek's also threatening to "hold" her fellow Democrats on the Portland City Council and Multnomah County commission "accountable" if they don't hurry up and clear the thousands of "homeless" people off the streets.

Isn't that like Darling Tina? Read the polls, figure out whose popularity is in the red, and throw them under the bus, even if they've been your allies since forever. There's no such thing as loyalty, just do whatever it takes to gain power.

Now granted, Portland is a mess. And Kohoutek did make a speech or two a few years ago about an "emergency" with all the tent squatters. But ask yourself, what did the legislature actually do while she was speaker of the House to make things better?

They made it harder for the city to conduct sweeps of even the most dangerous camps.

They made it harder for judges to keep behind bars, pending their court dates, suspects in serious crimes.

For the ex-speaker to be trying to make it to the top by stabbing her former allies in the back is appalling. But that's who she is. Ask those who have dealt with her.

It's Hillary 2.0. Her causes are just, but she's got so much baggage and such a bad attitude that many people, even some usually reasonable ones, would vote for a right-wing loon instead. If she loses, it's well-deserved.


  1. While hopelessly old fashioned, an individual’s personal character is relevant to many voters. No one should be surprised that Kotek is willing to literally flush down the toilet her MOST important political partners in a desperate grasp for power. My guess is Multnomah county officials will find her the votes to prevail and, coupled with Portland passing a new governing charter, our city and state will be in a death spiral.

  2. Tina’s assault my seem mild. Trotsky didn’t see it coming either

  3. I swear. If you put on a red striped sweater and matching stocking cap on Tina, she would look just like that Where’s Waldo character.

    Perfect for Oregon, as once we elect them they disappear.

  4. I saw that the other night and did a spit take. Your take is spot on, she will turn on anyone.

    However this turns out, the state deserves every bit of it.

  5. Brown doesn't mind being used by Tina. So be it if that helps her win for Democrats.
    A vote for Kotek is a vote for a continuation of all things Brown and the status quo. The idea that Tina has a plan or intentions to change course is absurd.

  6. I've lived in Tina's district for well over a decade, couldn't tell you what her voice sounded like until her campaign ads this season and she's done exactly fuckall to address any of the issues she's now very concerned about. At any point of time she could have stood up, shown some leadership even by stating "Hey, the situation in Portland isn't great right now!" but nope, the only time she came down from the tower was to tsk tsk cops doing a poor job of dealing with anarchists trying to burn down the police union, perhaps because it's just a few blocks away from her home.

  7. If Drazan gets elected, It’s easy to imagine the black-shirts burning down the rest of Portland.

    Or trying to, anyway.

    Will Kate call out the Guard? Don’t make me laugh.


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