The Weed grows up, sort of

They don't say whether to eat it or smoke it.

I see that Willamette Weed & Mushroom's election endorsements show some signs of actual adulthood. Rather than Jo Ann Hardesty, whom they unmercifully pushed on us four years ago, and again last May, now they're for her City Council opponent, Rene Gonzalez. And in another direct flip-flop from the primary, now they want Sharon Meieran instead of Jessica Vega Pederson for Multnomah County chair.

They didn't say they were sorry that they've been so wrong in the past. They owe us all some spologies, which we'll never get. But at least they're going the way of sanity for a change.

And they're against the dopey city charter revision happy meal, wisely opting to vote no and await better options, coming as early as May. 

And while it’s tempting to view any change as an improvement when current conditions are so miserable, that’s the same logic that leads people into bad relationships and to sign contracts without reading the fine print. We don’t believe introducing a system whose consequences we have no way of predicting is a smarter choice than sticking with the familiar, if undesirable, status quo.

Hear, hear.

The further they get from City Hall, though, the more the Weed folks backslide into their usual rut. In all the candidates they like for the Legislature, only two token Republicans are included. And of course, for governor they want more of the same, that miserable wretch T. Kohoutek.

But at least they adjusted their microdoses sufficiently to get the city stuff right. That's more than I would expect from them these days.

Meanwhile, over at the Merc, the kids are bleating all the usual stuff. Jo Ann Hardesty all the way, Pederson for county, yes on the charter fail, yada yada yada. But before you take their endorsements too seriously, remember their masthead last week:

The JFK School of Government, they ain't.


  1. The governor contest? The only choice is voting against the Q-anon wing-nut.

    1. Sorry, I can't vote for Kohoutek. She's too awful. I won't vote for Drazan, either, but that's as far as I'm going. Next time, nominate a better candidate.

  2. Is that a dried dandelion leaf on the cover of WW, or are they leaves of the “sacred” Native American ganja? And why does WWeek feel the need to constantly champion the marijuana cause? That paper has become a version of ‘High Times’, sprinkled with a liberal amount of politics. With the emphasis on “liberal.”

    Thank god they are a free publication, as no one would read them if they weren’t. At least High Times used to have the old Zippy The Pinhead comic strips. Now that was some real added value!

    1. I suspect that the owners of the Weed have some serious stock in weed-related enterprises. Or their kids do.

  3. I lot of people are backtracking these days pretending they had nothing to do with destroying kids education, early speech learning, small businesses, damaging people's hearts and other vital organs, and on an on. A little too late for me.


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