The fake voter's pamphlet

Here's a funny one: Some Republican guy is complaining about the Democrats' practice of publishing a neutral-looking "voter guide" that slants everything in favor of the Democratic candidates. He's right, of course, that they're pushing the envelope on the campaign laws, but at least they're doing it with private money.

Local governments do something almost as bad on a regular basis with regard to ballot measures. You get a statement explaining the wonderful things that the ballot measure does, and a begrudging mention somewhere that it will increase taxes, but no arguments against. I remember when some Portland school board honchos were busted for this, but at least one of them got off the hook because Killer Kate, then the Oregon secretary of state, hadn't bothered to write regulations on the subject.

In the old days, the fake voter's pamphlet got printed up on paper and mailed out. These days it's all on the internet. But the game is as old as the hills. 

Most hilariously, the latest complaint's been filed with the current secretary of state, Shemia Fagan, who surely hopes to follow in Killer Kate's footsteps someday. So good luck, grouchy old Republican dude, good luck.


  1. The real damage is we have lost the ability to civilly engage each other and seek common ground. The non-stop messaging (on any side) creates a talking point world where nobody wants to learn or accept differences. Good job "marketing" scum and the big bucks behind it.

  2. My favorite so far this year is the mailer on the truly repugnant charter "reform" sent by the city in which they state the financial impact with be between $900k (which, if you're adding seven commissioners, won't even cover salary and benefits of the commissioners themselves, let along their bloated staffs, and that doesn't even get to expenses for the city manager) and $8.7 million. And then they also have the balls to state there might be cost savings, as if that has every happened in the history of Portland city council. Some real legitimate accounting there.


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