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Yesterday's batch of election porn included one disturbing item, paid for, as most Portland election advertising is, by us hard-working taxpayers:

I thought Portland City Council races were supposed to be nonpartisan.

But hey, this is about Jo Ann With the Bullhorn, and in that zone, things are frequently not as they're supposed to be. You're supposed to pay your credit card debt. You're supposed to show up for your scheduled court appearances. You're supposed to have your act together enough to get your photo in the Voter's Pamphlet. And so this incident can be added to a very long list of not-supposed-to's.

But before shrugging it off, make a note of who's telling you to vote for her, from the oh-so-blue ranks:

It's interesting who's pictured here. Roberts lives in Lake Oswego, and Bonamici in Beaverton. Why Portlanders should care what they think is beyond me. At least Merkley and Blumenauer nominally reside in Portland, although they're in Washington, D.C. most of the time, and on many days Blumie seems to be on some other planet. 

And then there's Rubio, who's also supposed to be a nonpartisan officeholder, but just look at how she's portraying herself here. Not that I blame her for jumping in. When the Bullhorn Lady gets her pink slip a week from Tuesday, surely Chainsaw Carmen is going to be wondering whether she's next.


  1. I just hope the central tabulator gives each candidate the same weighting of 1 vote, 1 count. What could go wrong with a private company with software you are not allowed to review, because it's "proprietary," counts our votes?

  2. That mailer also features a blatant lie considering Gonzalez won the appeal on the Schnitzer rent issue

  3. Roberts and Bonamici are true blue team players. Jeff and Earl do what they’re told be their Portland staff.

    I believe that the Blue Team is worried the Rene will do his own research


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