No wonder it's in German

I gave up on Stanford last year. Scott Atlas, Condi Rice, Federalist Society twits gone wild, clueless deans – it all got to be too much. My warm, fuzzy feelings had been doused.

But it turns out that those feelings were kind of misplaced to begin with. Check this out:

An extensive investigation uncovered two key findings. First, we discovered evidence of actions taken to suppress the number of Jewish students admitted to Stanford during the early 1950s. Second, we found that members of the Stanford administration regularly misled parents and friends of applicants, alumni, outside investigators, and trustees who raised concerns about those actions throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

I love my classmates and school friends, and I love the Stanford professors who took care of me (almost all of them gone from the planet now), but as for the institution, it's dead to me. What a rat's nest.


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