Merkley tries to bail out Hardesty

But it's a pretty anemic gesture. The car haters will applaud, but that's about it.

Seven figures of tax dollars to make scenes like this permanent. Great! Thank you, Jeff and Jo Ann!

Let's hope the polls are right, and this particular chapter of Portland history is coming to a close in a few weeks. Let's also hope that the charter "reform" fails, so that we stop exceeding our quota of idiots on the City Council. If you want more clowns, "ranked-choice voting" is right up your alley.


  1. Well according to Jo Ann, these plazas will help make downtown a more “equitable and inclusive” place for residents and tourists alike. They will also help the businesses in the area. I am surprised that she didn’t mention climate change or hunger.

    How will this project make downtown a more ‘inclusive’ place? Is she expecting people to come downtown who aren’t already, solely because they put up some barriers to block traffic?

  2. Equitable in what sense? Those who arrive late for dinner will have more places to sit?

  3. This foolish effort to buy votes for Jo Ann will have unintended consequences

    1. Unintended consequences that won’t be reported.

  4. Should be a great place to have a showdown with the Soros-funded Antifa gang and the FBI-funded (some patriotic sounding name) gang...


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