L.C.D. was down with P.P.P.

I figured that at this point in the election cycle, the Weed would be pounding away on Betsy Johnson's foibles. But they've slowed down on that long enough to take a wicked poke at Lori Chavez-DeRemer, the Republican candidate for Congress in the wackily gerrymandered Fifth District, which runs basically from the Woodstock neighborhood of Portland down to Sunriver. This is the district where the Democrats have bounced the incumbent, Traitor Schrader, back to the Hamptons.

The Weed's Nigel Jaquiss, forever the Jack Ruby of Portland journalism, plunges his well-worn dagger as follows:

She says she opposes Biden’s plan to reduce student debt—noting she and and her husband paid back $380,000 of their own student loans.

Records show, however, that one of their businesses, Anesthesia Associates NW LLC, got $1.3 million in federal Paycheck Protection Program loans—subsequently forgiven—in 2020 and 2021.

In each of those years, Chavez-DeRemer’s federal disclosure filings show, she and her husband reported income of between $1 million and $5 million from that business. 

I gotta admit, it's a darn good zinger. Combined with the fact that Chavez-DeRemer doesn't even live in the district, you might think she's in trouble. But her opponent, Jamie McLeod-Skinner, doesn't live in the district, either. It's a battle of the carpetbagging hyphenateds. CDR is said to be slightly ahead. I wouldn't bet on that race either way.


  1. Do you think comparing student loan forgiveness to PPP loans is a fair argument?

    1. Whether it is or is not doesn't matter. It is, fwiw. What counts is whether it's scoring points with voters. Obviously it is, otherwise you wouldn't be asking the question.

      Republicans only have one move when someone scores political points against them and that's to reach for the fainting couch. It's getting REALLY old. Grow a pair.

  2. Beats me. I’m still wondering why an anesthesiologist needs a “marketing director.”

  3. Some politicians games the system and get celebrated. Some don’t.

    At least these two don’t commute from New York when they run for office


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