It's all fun and games until somebody gets stabbed

I see that the Weed is having another "Candidates Gone Wild" show Monday night. It's billed as a sort of fun-loving evening celebrating local politics, but I don't know. I went to one of these once, during my first round of blogging, and here is what I saw: The candidates whom the Weed is endorsing were made out to look good, and the ones they want to lose were made out to look bad.

Note that Sharon Meieran and Rene Gonzalez will be on stage. That's brave of them, or reckless. I suspect that by the time they walk out of Rev Hall that night, they won't be glad they showed. Betsy Johnson is smart enough to stay away.

Then again, it may be a case of no harm-no foul. I'd bet that most of the Weed readers in the audience will have made up their minds, long before curtain time, to vote to keep the city and state in the same miserable shape that they're in now.

I will say this, though: Once you get past Terry Porter, the lineup looks fairly toxic. Are they really going to wheel out Creepy Sam Adams and Genius Steve Novick to test the waters for their comebacks? Accompanied by Mike Schmidt, the Boy Wonder d.a. presiding over the nation's worst uncontrolled crime wave? And of course, their beloved, beloved Hillary 2.0 herself, T. Kohoutek? Capped off with Sarah Yada Yada Yadarrony, as if anyone cared?

As much as the kids at the Weed make it sound like a festive night for thoughtful, politically aware people, it didn't seem like it to me when I went. It was more like a Democratic Party Committee meeting, only with about a third of audience drunk and howling. I'm glad I attended, to see what all the fuss was about, but independent thinkers may wish to approach this event with caution.