Here are this week's underdog game entries

It's the eighth week of our charity pro football underdog game, and our players have made the following selections:

10.5 CHICAGO at Dallas - Linda, DogDown, VegasBaby5, CrimsonCrud

10.5 GREEN BAY at Buffalo - Evil O, Mojo

5 CAROLINA at Atlanta - SteveO, Buster Douglas, Gordon, Meow, DB

3.5 ARIZONA at Minnesota - Annie B., Paul, Not Gonna Happen, No Chance in Hell

3 DENVER vs. Jacksonville in London (Sunday, 6:30 a.m. PDT) - Howler

3 WASHINGTON at Indianapolis - Kosar19, Eric, Bad Picker

3 NEW YORK GIANTS at Seattle - PDXileinOmaha, Mad Dog, Atwater27, JC

No one adopted these whelps:

10.5 PITTSBURGH at Philadelphia

3 DETROIT vs. Miami

3 CLEVELAND vs. Cincinnati (Monday, pick was still due today, 10:00 a.m. PDT)

2 NEW ORLEANS vs. Las Vegas

1.5 TAMPA BAY vs. Baltimore (Thursday, unsuccessful)

1.5 NEW YORK JETS vs. New England

1.5 HOUSTON vs. Tennessee

1.5 LOS ANGELES RAMS vs. San Francisco

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post has been updated to show all picks received before this morning's deadline.

Our latest standings are here. Good luck, everybody!


  1. I have a hard time finding a weakness for the Bills. Best team I’ve seen this year. Disappointed in the lack of testicular fortitude shown from Rodgers. I guess that ivermectin isn’t working it’s magic

    1. The Pack doesn’t have the talent it used to. Including Rodgers. Time to blow them up and rebuild, I guess.


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