Have you seen Junior's grades?

You knew Dud Wheeler's performance rating was low, but you probably didn't know how low. Check out this professional poll – scroll down to Question 10. Among 162 people who live in Portland, only 13 percent view him favorably, and 83 percent view him unfavorably.

That's negative 70 percent! A politician really has to try hard to sink that low. It's unheard-of. As one commentator I know puts it, "That's Liz Truss territory."


  1. Wheeler is like a car that has an engine but no transmission. While he has ideas - some of them fairly reasonable - he doesn't seem capable of turning those ideas into actions that yield tangible positive results. It's hard to watch, and it is contributing to Portland's downfall.

  2. The State, the county, the city were all in for allowing the George Floyd protests in spite of the Covid shutdown protocol because they considered racial discrimination just as serious a public health issue as the virus that shut down the whole city (don't ask why they didn't shut down the whole economy back in the 60's, or the 50's, or the 40's..oh never mind) and Wheeler could have pushed harder and perhaps we wouldn't be in this mess and the Feds under Trump wouldn't have waltzed in and screwed up things even worse by shooting a protester in the head. Wheeler could have ordered in the National Guard and we would have stood a fighting chance and Jack Kennedy would have died a dirty old man.


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