All the news that's fit to slant

I don't know whether they're hoping to boost readership or what, but Portland's daily "newspaper" (or whatever you call it these days) is printing some slanted stuff in its "news" columns. The language they've chosen in this headline and lead paragraph screams bias in favor of Jo Ann "With the Bullhorn" Hardesty and against her opponent, "Walk Away" Rene Gonzalez:

"Plots"? "Hammer"? Gosh, does it get any more slanted than that?

Along the same lines, tonight they published the third of their gubernatorial candidate profiles, this one on Trump Mommy Drazan. Then, for some odd reason, they promptly took it down. But based on the headline that I saw before they yanked it, it's every bit as much of a kiss-up as the one they ran last weekend on Tina Kohoutek. Apparently Drazan is going to be painted as some kind of compassionate conservative. 
And so it seems the only one the will have roasted is Machine Gun Johnson. That was shameful, too.


  1. Jo Ann’s team is rattled.
    It’s calling in chits

  2. So glad I left Portland. It’s become a parody of its former self and the results are beyond depressing and sad to say I don’t see how it turns itself around.

    1. It has been a parody for a long time now it's more along the lines of a greek tragedy. Oedipus thinks he is the only one who can fix Thebes when it turns out it's all his fault to begin with. I really cannot understand how Tina Kotek, who has to take some responsibility for the mess that is now our city now wants to take her show on the road to Salem. We'll have to call it the "Portland Principle" where nothing succeeds like failure.


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