Ain't nobody's business

I knew we'd get some funny election porn as the voting deadline draws near. This one showed up yesterday. It's a howler:

The come-on is that small businesses are big supporters of the daffy charter change foolishness currently before Portland voters. Ha! Ha! If you think that ballot measure is going to help businesses, you're nuts. What the measure would do is ensure that there are always four or more Rubio/Hardesty-types on the City Council, thinking up new taxes, making it miserable to get around in a car, and generally gumming up the works. Indeed, that's one of the express "benefits" of the goofball plan: getting marginal and unqualified candidates elected. Good for business, it ain't.

Besides, the person pictured is a politician who at last report lived in Milwaukie. I can find no evidence that she has ever run a business. She's a lawyer by trade, but apparently not practicing law these days.

Anyway, read on, and you see who's really going to benefit if that hideous thing passes. The nonprofit industrial complex! The shadow government that's bleeding the public dry with its armies of "executive directors" sucking in City Hall grants galore and most of them not helping Portland recover at all:

Just a couple of unions, and Bob Pamplin's newspaper. (What's gotten into them over there?) But the rest are all Usual Suspects in the "nonprofit" kingdom.

At this point, I'm already giggling, but then I flip the flyer over and see this, which sends me into a full belly laugh:

He's retired now, but I remember when his career was in full swing:

Anyway, as I wiped away the tears of laughter, a wave of depression suddenly hit: This thing might actually pass. Please, no. Vote no. A better charter package will be available soon.


  1. I fear most folks will vote it in just cause it sounds like change from the old thing.

  2. The explanation on the ballot of the changes are is so incredibly vague that it's almost sure to pass imo. If you can change your residency to another city/county, start the process now.


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