Your Amazon delivery is here: greed

Here's a wild story out of Morrow County, way east of Portland, where the garbage trucks go: Amazon money flowed in, and the local politicians allegedly engaged in some incestuous business dealings that put a lot of it in their own pockets. It reminds me a lot of how things used to work in New Jersey when I covered that scene in the '70s.

The whole Amazon deal in Boardman was so shady, you wish someone would have called the state attorney general's office and blown the whis – no, wait, somebody did call, and the attorney general's crack staff blessed the deal in advance!

Oh, and there was a "nonprofit" in the middle of whole plot. So typical these days. In case you're joining us late, it seems Oregon is going to hell in a "nonprofit" handbasket. 

Anyway, this sordid story represents some really fine journalism by Mike Rogoway at the O. It's not behind the Paywall of Pity at the moment, and so if you're ready to catch a whiff, buckle up and go here. And it's "Part 1 of 3," so stock up on the popcorn.


  1. Reminds me of Portland in the middle ‘40s


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