Turning the tables

We're all at our wits' end about the homeless situation here in Portland. Our once-beautiful city is now a complete dump (except for the land of the gentry on and over the West Hills). The politicians are either clueless about what to do, or too chicken to do the right thing. The cops' being on "quiet quit" hasn't helped.

But here's an angle:

On Wednesday, September 7, at 11:00am, ten residents of the City of Portland with mobility disabilities will announce the initiation of a federal class action lawsuit on behalf of all City residents with disabilities against the City of Portland for failure to comply with the Federal Americans With Disabilities Act and the Federal Rehabilitation Act.  The plaintiffs allege that the City has been in violation of those federal statutes by allowing tent encampments and associated debris to block City sidewalks for over three years.  Plaintiffs believe it is clear that city sidewalks are services and activities of the City within the meaning of these federal statutes and that the City is responsible under federal law to keep them clear of obstructions so as not to discriminate against people with disabilities.

The plaintiffs will ask the Federal Court, among other things, for:

1.  A declaration that the City is in violation of the ADA and the Rehabilitation Act

2.  A mandatory injunction requiring the City to remove tent encampments and debris from all of the City sidewalks, and

3.  A mandatory injunction requiring the City to construct, purchase or otherwise make available sufficient shelter space for those persons who are displaced from the sidewalks.

Copies of the complaint will be made available at the press conference and several of the plaintiffs will speak about the challenges they face while attempting to navigate the sidewalks to perform basic day to day activities. 

The press conference will be held at the Wells Fargo Exchange Building across from the Wells Fargo Tower.

The lawyer running the show is that troublemaker John DiLorenzo, who righteously busted the Sam Rand Twins for using water and sewer revenue for unrelated b.s. He tends to know where to stick the pins on the arrogant fools at City Hall. This could get interesting.


  1. What an interesting approach. Wonder if it'll work.

  2. Won't eliminate the source of the problem; just move it someplace else like city parks. We'll be witness to an example of the law of unintended consequences.

    1. By the time this case is over, we may have a whole new administration in City Hall. Maybe they could use the lawsuit as cover to do what needs to be done.

  3. Point 3 is going to be tough to implement. Not sure why we the citizens have to insure that anybody that shows up in town gets a free place to stay. Does anybody in .gov even have any idea who is camping on the streets and why? Otherwise, not a bad move to get some attention as to how much we are impacted.

  4. For some reason, the theme behind “The Field of Dreams” comes to mind.


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