Try, try, try to separate them, It's an illusion

If you want a bribe a politician, and they're married, the easiest way to get the job done might be to lay some sweet money on their spouse. I remember when Hillary Clinton was a senator, from New York supposedly. If you wanted something from her, you just hired her fat husband to give a tired speech, the same one he gave everywhere, for a modest fee like $400,000. It is not a new thing. 

But until today, it never occurred to me that you might try it with a judge's spouse. This article in Politico, casting a shadow over the already-greatly-diminished U.S. Supreme Court, raises that possibility.

Maybe the saddest part of the whole story is that the politicians are talking about subjecting the justices of the Court to same standards that the politicians operate under. The same largely nonexistent standards.

Follow the money. Especially the spouses' money.


  1. LBJ remains an inspiration to some who saw politics as a path to the pot of gold

    1. LBJ is such a fascinating case to bring up because everything bad Robert Caro comprehensively documents about him is true — and he governed almost 100% against his own personal failings instead of trying to enact them.

    2. LBJ made a deal with the devils- we take out JFK, but you only get one term. Talk about REAL insider trading.

  2. Have you seen they're launching two ETFs to track Congress' stock picks? NANC and CRUZ could go live after the mid-terms. True story.

    Good times.


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