The official fluff page of Portland's nonprofit industrial complex

I had no idea this website existed until I stumbled across it just now. In case you were wondering where your tax dollars are going, check out the wardrobes!


  1. You do know these are all pics of fundraisers attended by well-heeled private donors? How are you getting that tax dollars are paying for this? It's garden-varied standard fare in the philanthropic circus, but not anything new. Disclaimer- I'm an independent grant-writing consultant (ie- an introvert who loathes these kinds of events) and I have plenty of issues with the whole system, the funders, the long ugly history of it, etc. but this isn't where the real dirt lives. No one pays attention to the Portland Society Page except the people looking at themselves in it.

  2. Gimme a break. Every level of government around here is pumping out millions to the nonprofits, with not a lot to show for some of it. You make a living out of milking that system. Many of the people in these photos are your bosses, living quite well, thank you.

  3. I'm really concerned with all the illegal camping in Dunthorpe... My third BMW I have leave out in the street. And BTW, I regularity donate my black dress shoes to Goodwill after they get scuffed...


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