Sorry for you, she has no sister

So, who's going to get that new Congressional seat in Oregon, the red or the blue? T. Kohoutek & Co. did their best to gerrymander it blue, but I wouldn't bet on the Dems picking it up. Our current 4-to-1 House delegation may very well be 4-to-2 come January. I count two seats in play, and I think the Trumpies may snag one of them.

But just to win us all over, the Speaker of the House took time off from collecting hot stock tips to visit Portland today. She's confident! Or so she says.

“Let me remove all doubt in anyone’s minds, should you mistakenly have such a doubt, Democrats intend to hold the House. In fact, we intend to grow our numbers and Oregon is very important in that regard,” Pelosi said.

Well, I'm sure her showing up in Portland is going to impress the loggers in Sheridan and the ranchers in Redmond. Everybody loves her, she's such a selfless public servant.