Our gerry's been mandered

A concerned reader has sent me a link to this interesting site. It evaluates the various states' new Congressional district maps to see how fair they are. And no surprise to anyone, Oregon's grade is an F.

F on partisan fairness. F on competitiveness. C on geographic features.

This is not a Democratic Party problem. Both sides do it, big time. But it's important to note how badly the Kotek types behaved here in the Beaver State.


  1. So, with the GOP mobsters on the Supreme Court declaring that voters have no rights to any court review of partisan gerrymandering, unilateral disarmament in districting in blue-controlled states would combine with typical outrageously aggressive gerrymanders in red states (see Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina) to produce a GOP supermajority and the end of democracy. The New Yorker article on Alito pointed out how much the man hates the one-person/one-vote cases and how he would like to go back to rural dominance as we had before 1964.

    I’m not arguing for gerrymandering (I want to do away with single-member districts entirely so that gerrymandering isn’t even possible) but for the Dems to be pure about it in this environment would be suicide.

  2. I've got a hunch that the Republicans are going to get a new Oregon seat anyway.


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