Holding out

It's that time of year again. The tightwad in me says, "We're not turning on the heat until the first of October." But one morning, with two weeks to go, it's in the low 50's outside, while inside it's fallen just below where we usually keep it in the winter. 

I don't think we've ever made it to October 1. It feels pretty good when you give in.


  1. I won’t turn on the heat for at least another month, or more. I can’t stand hot weather, but I can easily take a 60 degree house. I sleep much better when it is cool and dark. What can I say..... I am acclimated after 60 years of cool Oregon weather. More like a mushroom than a cactus.

  2. I resemble that remark....and, I moved from the dry side.

  3. My flannel sheets keep me warm!

  4. Strange noise this morning

    The furnace started.

    Open windows. 49 degrees outside

  5. d00d really?
    I guess not everyone is a skin flint like me or dad, and dad’s ‘warm blooded’ / rarely cold unlike me.

    But it’s perfect sleeping weather with a window cracked/electric blanket or mattress pad getting out of the shower with heated socks or slippers & a boot dryer if you got sopping wet pressure washing, doing chores or outdoors generally?

    Dad wouldn’t turn the heat on until Halloween night / first rainy gross night with the cold rain & frost on the glass inside the house?
    I don’t usually either, but the new heat pump doesn’t draw a lot of electricity & maybe I’m old and have gone soft?

    Didn’t have an automated safe heat source of any kind until recently…


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