Here are our players' picks for Underdog Week 3

The college kids had their day yesterday, but today's for the Big Daddies of pro football. And the players in our charity underdog game have spoken thusly:

7 JACKSONVILLE at Los Angeles Chargers - Gordon, Buster Douglas, Atwater27, Meow

6 DETROIT at Minnesota - CrimsonCrud, SteveO, Annie B., DogDown, VegasBaby5, DB, Eric

5 PITTSBURGH at Cleveland (Thursday, no go) - PDXileinOmaha, JC

4 MIAMI vs. Buffalo - Mojo

4 WASHINGTON vs. Philadelphia - Linda

4 ARIZONA vs. Los Angeles Rams - Howler, Paul

3 CAROLINA vs. New Orleans - MadDog

2.5 DALLAS at New York Giants (Monday, pick was still due today) - EvilO

2.5 GREEN BAY at Tampa Bay - No Chance in Hell

2 ATLANTA at Seattle - Kosar19

No one decided to go with:

6.5 INDIANAPOLIS vs. Kansas City

4.5 NEW YORK JETS vs. Cincinnati

3 NEW ENGLAND vs. Baltimore

2.5 HOUSTON at Chicago

2.5 TENNESSEE vs. Las Vegas

1 DENVER vs. San Francisco

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post has been updated with this morning's picks.

The standings at this early point in the season are here. Good luck, everybody!