Fallen star

I wrote back in April in praise of Ime Udoka, the Jefferson High School alum and former Trail Blazer who was working wonders as the rookie coach of the Boston Celtics. He went on to lead them to the NBA finals.

Alas, yesterday he lost his job, for a year and maybe permanently, for violating Celtics rules. The rumor is he had an "inappropriate relationship" with another employee of the team.

Cue the "Jail Blazer" zingers.


  1. The team is pretending like they didn't know. Laughable.

    My Spidey sense tells me there's a negotiation happening wherein the team is trying to get out of paying his contract while he's showing them receipts. We're in for an interesting week. It's ALL going to come out. The team would be wise to cut the check today and cut their losses.

  2. It sure does sound like there's more than a consensual relationship with a female colleague involved.


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