Eight players score in Underdog Week 1

The Monday night 'dog, Seattle, edged out Denver by a single point last night, meaning 6.5 points for four of the players in our charity pro football underdog game. Combined with the victorious Sunday underdogs, that gives us the following standings as the first week of the season is concluded:

RankPlayerPoint total
1Buster Douglas6.5
9Annie B.0
9Bad Picker0
9Evil O0
9Not Gonna Happen0

As you can see, nearly two thirds of our 'dognosticators did not score, and so if you were thinking of jumping into our season-long contest this week, there are not all that many pickers ahead of you. And there are 20 more weeks to go. If you're interested in joining, send me an email message at dogpdx22@gmail.com, and let's get you set up. You can do this.

First-week players, if you haven't sent payment of your entry fee on its way by now, please do.  My books are showing that VegasBaby5, Micah, Annie B., and Eric are still unpaid. Eric especially, you have some points on the board that could be lost for late payment, and so please let me know what's what.

The lines for next week will be posted sometime tomorrow. We are off and running.

With more than 20 players involved, the top three finishers will each get to designate an eligible charity to receive the fee pool (although first place will be directing a lot more than second place, and second more than third; I'll have details on that when the entries are all paid). I will throw in a sawbuck myself for good measure, although I am not playing in this pool. (I am entered in another one elsewhere, which is non-charitable.)

One of our players has chipped in an extra $10, to be distributed with the rest of the pool at season's end. A nice gesture! Anyone would like to replicate it is more than welcome to do so.


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