Dud alert

Don't worry, they said. A crook as bad as Donald Trump can't escape the long arm of the law forever, they said.

Robert Mueller will get him, they said.

Cyrus Vance will get him, they said.

Merrick Garland will get him, they said.

Fanni Willis will get him, they said.

And yet here we still are. Here he still is.

Today Letitia James says she got him. The New York attorney general put on a dramatic show announcing that she has brought a lawsuit against the Trump business entities for alleged fraud in reporting the values of their assets.

You'll pardon me if I don't think much of it. Orange Caligula laughs off civil lawsuits. He lives with them every day. They're always in the background. He stalls and stalls and obfuscates and gaslights and stalls some more. It takes forever to bring anything to a resolution.

And when a suit against him finally ends, all that happens is that one of his many scams closes. The university, the charity, the TV show, the steaks, whatever. He'll always have 10 more going for every one that's shut down.

To make matters worse, James's case is all about valuation. I think I know something about this subject. Valuation is a matter of expert opinion. Some valuation experts are like Stormy Daniels. The defense will have plenty of convincing actors for the cameras in that department. 

Yes, there are lines that you can't cross without it being fraud, but it will take an extraordinary case to prove that Donnie and his crew stepped over them. Valuing property is often a gray, swampy area in which slimy characters have been known to get away with murder.

Nobody's ever going to get that guy. And if they ever do, he'll suddenly be in a wheelchair moaning about how sick and demented he is, unable to stand trial. It's standard mobster procedure.

Justice has failed, folks. We should all stop denying it and come to grips with it. This country is not in good shape. Public Enemy No. 1 struts around every day in plain view, menacing society, and nothing meaningful is being done.


  1. This sure aged well.

  2. Didn't you read the headline on CNN this morning? His legal peril has WIDENED! Surely it's just a matter of time now. In Garland we trust!


  3. The prism of ideology produces some interesting comments relating to the definition of fraud

  4. Tripling the actual size of a residence to inflate the evaluation seems like it just might be good evidence of fraud. But I'm no expert.

  5. Me too. I do remember a PA in a notes and contracts course saying that criminal fraud needed a victim

  6. She did get him on record as pleading the 5th when he was in NY for a deposition in this civil case. Even if the country and the world can't get rid of him at least his hometown may finally excise (exorcise?) him.

  7. I’m skeptical about the success and timeline of the NY state civil lawsuit but with regard to the Mar-a-lago classified documents fiasco, he is very much in peril based on the 11th Circuit ruling yesterday.

  8. If nothing else, it will cost him a lot of money to defend himself. We can hope his lawyers bleed him blind.

    1. Trump is a master at wasting other people's money. If he has any skin in the game and it comes time to pay up he declares bankruptcy. He is a perfect parasite.

  9. One or two lions cannot take down a healthy adult African Cape buffalo. But six or seven them working as a team can - and will. Trump, being a classic narcissist, doesn't care about what other people think about him. But he will care that an increasingly large part of his income is going to support a team of lawyers who become weaker over time because the best ones pull out due to the risk they will lose whatever positive reputations they still have left.

    1. At this point he's got so many rubes giving him money that "his income" is secured. And he cheats his lawyers out of their fees, anyway. Most of the lawyers he's got left now are laughable. He can stall his way to the morgue now.

    2. What is the calculation if you take on legal work for Trump?
      Publicity? Future pardons / favors once he’s back in bad economy with Dems having no solutions to that either, really?

      Like Jared Kushner trying to unload that POS building with his dad in jail seeking advice ‘Idk, you’re father in law could become president?’

      I’m skeptical, whoever the name/face card of a former president that the precedent will be set that any of them face any particular legal consequences? The job is to do crimes & be the face card many Americans associate w/ various things (good or bad)?

      Maybe a little slap on the wrist or precedent in bad times will be all elections are stolen, all presidents get impeached if the ‘opposing’ party controls a house chamber but never convicted while in office is the costume drama if you like lame old people TV (pick the brand? CNN, Newcorp, MSNBC?) & lame Hollywood for ugly people (D.C.), amirite folks?

      If you look at any NY real estate scumbag’staxes they’re going to look similar to trump.
      Trumps low rent scams & him being a convenient pass-thru for publicity & shady investment dollars for others, notwithstanding.

      At the end of the day, we’re a real estate scam one layer up in the bedrock of military industrial money pretending to be a country for the most part.


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