Butting out

None of the players took the Rams for tonight in our charity pro football underdog game. And so if you haven't decided to join us yet, nobody's gotten ahead of you! Read all about it here. You could be a hero for your favorite charity. First-week picks are due Sunday morning West Coast time. Entry fee's not due until Wednesday.

UPDATE, Thursday night: Our players wisely stayed away, as  the Bills shellacked the Super Bowl champs.


  1. Check is ready to go. Just waiting for the email with address info.

    1. Please check your email. If the address instruction is not there, please remind me at dogpdx22@gmail.com . Thanks!

    2. Checked but no message. Sent a 2nd email to dogpdx22@gmail.com this morning and got the acknowledgement auto response but nothing else yet. Nothing in spam either.


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