Batter up!

First we had Rolling Stone taking a swing at Betsy Johnson. Now it's the Huffington Post. She's bad on guns, bad on the environment, bad bad Phil Knight money, bad bad Nike, etc.

It's obvious they don't have to live here.

With the three-way race for governor raging on, the strategy puzzles continue to rattle around in Oregonians' heads. Not mine. I had one personal interaction with Tina Kotek, and that was enough. I vowed then that I would never vote for her for anything, ever.

What has Kotek and her legislature done on guns? Squat. The preachers are still holding bake sales to get meaningful gun control legislation.

And are Oregon loggers really the big problem for the environment these days? They do their damage, but  there are bigger culprits. Culprits who seem to get to do their thing with gusto in Oregon, even with the blue side in charge of the lawmaking and enforcement. Google "Bullseye Glass." Or "Daimler Swan Island." Or "Port of Morrow wastewater."

Meanwhile, we have no drug laws, no cops, no bail system, no psychiatric beds, no drug treatment beds, and graffiti, garbage, and filth nearly everywhere you turn. The kids at the Stone and the Huff seem to have overlooked those situations.

For me the only decision is whether to vote for Johnson or not vote in the governor's race at all. It was that way with Hillary Clinton in 2008 and in 2016. And it's that way again now. Shame me. Blame me for Drazan, if that's what we get. But I am finished holding my nose and enabling more of the same.


  1. If I have to see one more Tina K commercial with her smug look claiming that she has “the goods” because she used to work for a food bank, I’m going to puke.

    I can’t even stand looking at her, never mind having her for a Governor for 4 plus years.

  2. I'm there with you. The Democrats BADLY need a shakeup. Twenty years of running retreads followed by...this is enough.

    I'm going in with Betsy. Her people will run through a wall for her. I want someone I to run through a wall for.

  3. Tiny Tina's ad reminds me of 'Triumph of the Will' w/o that beautiful Ford Trimotor.

  4. Tina, and her syncophants, might be a reason the increased popularity for the state of Jefferson

    1. The State of Jefferson nonsense has been around for decades. It's "more popular" because your Facebook feed makes it look like it's a real movement. It's not.

      Y'all want Blue State service at Red State prices. Move to Idaho and see how that works out. The guy who sold me his Clackamas County home to do that 18 months ago has made three offers since to buy his place back. He knows how good he had it here.


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