Anti-climax of the week

It would be shocking if it were any different. Schrader the Traitor is endorsing his state government equivalent in the governor's race.

I have never had much use for old Kurt, who was rightly handed his walking papers in the primary just concluded. In Congress, we need the Democrats to stand together against many, many Trumpies and related goons who have this country tied in knots. Kurt did not play well with teammates, and so they gerrymandered him back to the Hamptons. 

To me, Salem is different. There the blue side has been firmly in control for many years, and they have produced one far-left disaster after another. On land use, drugs, homelessness, criminal justice, taxes, they're way out there. The state is already suffering from their wild ideology, and it's only going to get worse. I'd never vote for a Republican, for anything, ever, but only a fool would deny that it's time for a change.


  1. If you’re serious about “never voting for a Republican,” don’t expect anything to change significantly. Just more corruption and incompetence with a compliant media cheering it on.
    That’s what happens when you have one-party rule. Eventually, it becomes a racket. That’s where we are now.
    Tina Kotek is going to win by getting significant majorities in the five counties that matter. All else is moot.

    1. If you are still a Republican, there is something seriously wrong with you. Go away.

  2. Betty is in the race to make sure Tina wins. It's all BS. I don't have a problem voting for a Republican just to shake things up. Acting like one political party is going to summon in the devil is stupid. All the Dems have right now to run on is scare mongering. It has always been used, and sadly it always works.

  3. After Orange Caligula, the terror felt by the world regarding the GOP is completely justified.


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