The burn pit

"Rainbow" fentanyl.

I see that Oregon's inept health "authority" has published some lovely lists of the members of the nonprofit industrial complex that are now getting money to provide addiction treatment services under Measure 110. You know Measure 110, Oregon's stupidest moment in decades, whereby the voters essentially legalized street drugs. The filth, degradation, and danger that you see on the Portland streets are a predictable result.

Anyway, they've finally started throwing around the woefully inadequate treatment money (which I believe comes from pot taxes) in earnest. Nearly $59 million in Multnomah County so far. Here are the recipients of that dough, although I couldn't tie them to specific amounts on the state website:

So far, the funding hasn't made even a tiny dent in Portland's dire situation. Drugs here are out of control, and getting more pervasive all the time. Measure 110 has made it a lot worse. You wonder whether all the tax money is even going to get the crisis back to where it was before decriminalization.

And of course, even if all that moolah is spent on programs rather than on bureaucracy, there is no guarantee that drug treatment is going to work for most addicts. Especially the ones wacked out on the new meth. But if it got them off the streets for a while, that would be nice for society. It's what the criminal aspect of drug laws used to do, but Oregon is too "smart" for that.

Remember when there were "police," and they arrested drug dealers? Good times. They still could do that, of course, but as we all know, the cops in Portland are into "quiet quitting" these days. They have been for almost two years now.


  1. I had to laugh when I saw that CODA is on the list. I lived in low income housing in Buckman for many years. A number of people in my building were getting methadone at CODA. They used to laugh about how they failed their UI's and would still get their methadone. This is what happens when methadone clinics are allowed to be for-profit.


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