Past the decline, into the fall

Rampant crime and weak policing in Portland have become pretty tiresome topics. People have become numb. A friend of mine recently lost two catalytic converters in one night under a street light in front of his house in close-in Northeast Portland. A family member had his truck stolen from the central east side a few days ago; two creeps were found living in it up in the 'Couve. But does any of that surprise anyone any more? No.

And so you've likely scrolled past some of this week's news stories. Jantzen Beach has sunk so low it's unsafe for retail; no more Cracker Barrel there. Workers at Emanuel Hospital have stopped whispering and started speaking out about how dangerous their workplace neighborhood is; they're installing bullet-proof glass. And one business quit Old Town in favor of Lloyd Center; you wonder if that will be much of an improvement.

These stories are so sad and so repetitive. I think we've heard all the arguments about what needs to be done. You just wish something meaningful would actually, you know, be done. 


  1. And you didn't even mention all the unprovoked attacks.

  2. All that marching a couple years ago really did a lot of good.


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