Last call in Old Town: 90 shots fired

The violence in Portland's Old Town has gotten so bad that when you see a headline about a shooting or a stabbing, you don't know whether it's one you already knew about, or a new one. This morning we got a new one. This time, "nearly 90" bullets flew just after the bars closed, but apparently they didn't hit any humans, and the cops arrested two guys. Then the police put their little yellow cards next to each bullet and took pictures, which they are very good at.  Overtime for all.

It was a block away from the vibrant new public plaza brought to you by Jo Ann With the Bullhorn.

There is no reason to go to Old Town. I don't know if there's ever been a reason, but certainly there is none now. It's a full write-off. Save yourself a lot of heartache and stay out of there.


  1. Old Town should enjoy some "urban renewal" dollars and the place should be bulldozed for high density housing that is affordable for the working class.

  2. The ridicule of documenting shell casings at shooting scenes, even when there are no known casualties, is misplaced since those shell casings are being entered into the NIBIN system that is operated by the federal ATF and can connect shootings that otherwise appear unrelated and generate investigative leads.


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