Kent wins

Lots more ballots were counted today, but they didn't make any difference, in the Third Congressional District of Washington State, clustered around the 'Couve. Trumpy Joe Kent, who was 960 votes ahead this morning, is 948 votes ahead as of this evening. There are only 500 votes left to count in Clark County and 480 in Cowlitz. Thurston County, a Kent stronghold, still has 5,000 to go.

And so unless the inevitable recount turns up a major mistake, it's farewell to the Republican incumbent, Jaime Herrera Beutler. Kent's percentage of all ballots cast is 22.74, Herrera Beutler's is 22.31. Of the votes cast for either of them, Kent got 50.47 percent, JHB 49.53.

For years we've wanted to get rid of Jaime, but with every wish there comes a curse. Just so you get the picture, I hear that Kent is a regular on the Steve Bannon podcast.

Will someone on the red side run a write-in campaign that will prevent him from scoring a victory in November? I would seriously doubt it.

UPDATE, Aug. 10: JHB has conceded. With Clark County pretty much finished, Kent is ahead district-wide by 991. 


  1. A (somewhat) favorable map, some smart organizing, moderation by Perez and a decent get-out-the-vote operation in WA-3 could hand the district to the Dems for the first time in a really long time. Joe Kent is a nut...who can't keep his mouth shut about the drumpf "America First" agenda. He'll be nobody in the House unless he can get his mug on TV...which is how he'll spend most of his time in Congress if the voters send him there.


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