End of the line

After obsessing about the Jaime Herrera Beutler-Joe Kent race for a while, I guess it behooves me to check out the latest, and now nearly final, vote count. Trumpy Joe beat JHB by about 1,000 votes.

Between Kent and attempted right-wing spoiler Heidi St. John, the hard-core Republicans drew nearly 39 percent of the votes cast. JHB got about 22 percent, and thus the three of them combined pulled in about 61 percent. The Democrat, Maria Perez, received only 31 percent.

In November, it seems like Perez may have to get two thirds of JHB's votes in order to beat Kent. I can't see that happening, even with the abortion issue presumably helping Perez. One of my readers surmises that when redistricting the state, the Democrats treated the 'Couve and its surroundings as a sacrifice zone.


  1. How does the Supreme court decision to let states determine their own laws in this area, effect the existing state laws in Washington? Or do you want the Federal government to just control everything and the states have no power? Maybe we should be even more like the CCP than we already are and be dictated by a small group of insiders and the rest of us slaves.


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